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Yorkshire day 2 - hot hot hot 🥵

Well Yorkshire is known as gods own country and today I really understood why! Visited the absolutely stunning locations of Whitby and Robin Hood‘s Bay. Due to the heat wave (temps over 35 degrees today on the coast)! we decided to not do a 50 mile road ride - wise! and instead do a very short gravel ride from Whitby to Robin Hood’s Bay and back again along the Cinder track. Whitby quite often famous through Bram Stoker‘s Dracula and it’s magnificent Whitby Abbey/ is one of the most beautiful little towns I’ve seen in a long time and Robin Hood’s Bay where we went down to the beach and cooled off was absolutely beautiful as well. a fabulous day really, all in all a short ride but we still got a whole day of sightseeing in on a beautiful Yorkshire Coast with fantastic friends. 😍😍 Whitby is also well known for its scampi and I did manage to have some Whitby scampi as well - happy days!

Robin Hood’s Bay

Beautiful Whitby (pinched from the Internet but we absolutely saw this scene as we drove over the bridge into Whitby)

The 199 steps down to Whitby harbour

Whitby harbour and beach

Cinder Track

Cinder Track

Down towards Robin Hoods Bay

Robin Hood’s Bay

fabulous friends!! 😍😍


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