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We will remember them…. 🌺🌺✝️

Today was Remembrance Sunday, where we remember those who gave their lives in war and conflict so that we can live in peace. 🕊 It seems particularly poignant this year with war in Europe so close. We held a special BCG remembrance Sunday ride, heading out to Harrold to take part in the local service held at the war memorial. Unfortunately for some reason, Harrold is clearly in a different time zone to the rest of the UK. We thought we would be arriving 10 minutes early - instead arriving to the last post and a two minutes silence held six minutes before 11 am. 🥺 However it was still special to be part of this event, to remember the fallen. They also released a dove to symbolise peace, 🕊 and had a hand bell ringing rendition. We continued on to have a stop at Emmaus. Heavy fog today for the entire duration of the ride, excepting of course when we were just about finishing - when the sun came out - typical. ☀️ 49 miles in total for me today making this week's mileage 133 miles. So close to 6000 for this year now. 🙏🙏

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