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The Bard, a Castle & The Avon River 🚴🚴

Headed over to Charlcote in Warwickshire this morning for a spin around the county. 5 miles in we reach Warwick / busy roads but famous for its spectacular castle !! Only a couple of minutes out of Warwick and go back down to quiet country roads with amazing drivers - very patient and considerate when passing ! Wish they were like that in Milton Keynes 😳 onward down to Welford upon Avon for a fabulous lunch stop at the Four Alls pub next to the river. After this amazing pitstop we continued on to Shakespeare's birthplace / Stratford-upon-Avon for a second pitstop - ice creams along side the river - I mean it has to be done!! A further 5 miles on from there to complete a 36 mile route around Warwickshire. Back to our start point the lovely Charlecote Park. Stunning! Quiet roads, considerate drivers & pretty views! What more could you ask for?

Warwick Castle

Welford upon Avon

Stratford upon Avon

Stratford upon Avon

Charlcote Park

Has to be done!

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