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Mallorca cycle training camp - part one

First 4 days - 173 miles, 6100 feet of climbing.

Ok, Mallorca is known as a cyclist’s paradise. Beautiful sunny skies, stunning scenery, endless choice of roads, plenty of climbing, and patient drivers! Been looking forward to our girls cycling trip for months. An organised cycling camp run by Ciclos Major, who came highly recommended by friends.

We leave the UK in horrendous weather and pouring rain and guess what we arrive in Mallorca, and it’s raining for the next three days! Would you believe it?

Despite that, we still managed to get out the first three days just under 200 KM of cycling, wet roads with café stops, although at least on the Tuesday afternoon we went out later and avoided the rain.

But by Wednesday, the Sun has arrived! An absolutely glorious 92 KM ride, taking in the Saint Lucia monastery climb.

So despite the weather, we are still having an amazing time. The hotel is great. The guides are great and lots of routes to explore.

So far - Alducia, Sineu, Petra, Muro, Sa Pobla, Binnissalem, Selva, Campanet, St Lucia monastery.

Day 3 ⬇️

Day 4 ⬇️

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