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International Women’s Day - together we ride!

What an absolutely amazing international women’s day ride we had today on our MK Breeze ride!

20 of us joining together on our bikes, celebrating cycling and celebrating women. We started off at the world vision offices before making our way up past Willen Lake and up to Campbell Park to the light pyramid, which was designed by woman sculptor Liliane Lijn. The light pyramid is the highest point in Milton Keynes with wonderful views down across Campbell Park. We then made our way to the international women’s day commemoration pillar at The Rose, where we were joined by Marie Bradburn, the deputy mayor soon to be Mayor! After some obligatory photos we headed back down through Campbell Park & went to the local Trek store and were hosted to treats as well as some Irish coffee and Bucks fizz !

After our refreshments we continued our ride along the Grand Union canal around Caldecotte Lake and then back through the Ouzel Valley. We were joined by Catherine Ruffey from British cycling who not only assisted on the ride but bought along a number of Breeze goodies for the riders. 🙏 Also thanks to my amazing coleader Jane. 💜A few of us then had a post ride celebratory drink at the local pub.

What an amazing day 😊the sun was out and Milton Keynes greenspaces were idyllic. I have to say every time I turned around to see this long line of women cyclists behind me, It gave me great joy and bought a huge smile to my face. 😊. Happy international day women’s day all ! 💜💜💜💜

With Deputy Mayor, Marie Bradburn


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