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International Women’s day 🌼🟣⚪️

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Sadly we had to cancel the club's international women's day ride due to weather, what a shame, as 39 people were signed up. 🥺 Instead took out a international women's day gravel ride. unfortunately with the rain and snow of the previous week, the North Bucks Way, was a bit of a quagmire with a lot of flooding - but it was a brilliant morning for a ride and we even came across some spring flowers in international women's day colours. The bike was super muddy after that ride so I've got to use my brand-new Muc Off scrubber gloves 🧤 which were very effective! Sunday, Christina and I took a ride out to the Tipi at Preston Bissett. fantastic route, apart from the state of the road in some places, but an incredibly mild day. as we cycled along on quiet roads it was so peaceful and beautiful cycling through north Bucks, how lucky are we?? BUT - what is going on with this weather! ?? 🥺🥺

On International Women's Day itself, was due to go out on a special IWD ride but the snow arrived. So instead had a short ride up to the Trek store to join some other ladies for a coffee and a chat, then we headed up to 'The Rose' in Central Milton Keynes. This is a civic space with marble pillars marking important days of remembrance/significance. We waited around but the others never arrived! as you can see from the pic, the weather was not pleasant.... but back to the Trek store for some pastries and more chat. A lovely social morning and managed a whole 8 miles on the bike. #HappyInternationalWomensDay2023

Little bit of water 😳

IWD colours

New scrubber gloves 🧤 🧽 🪣

Ran into pals at the Tipi

On IWD, up at the Rose in Central Milton Keynes

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