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Gravelling, Breezing and belly dancing…💃🏻

well what a weekend. Took out a club gravel ride on Saturday and had 2 sealant failures in my tubelesss tyres, so I had to learn how to use the worms for the first time. 🐛 Very counterintuitive to poke something into your tire.! 🤷🏻‍♀️ But it worked and resealed . The ride was a bit jinxed as we had two separate punctures by other riders. But fab to do a great new off-road route up to Salcey forest - made even better by the fact the sun came out. On Sunday took out a Breeze road ride also benefiting some beautiful October sunshine. ☀️☀️ And to add to the energetic nature of the weekend, I went to a hen night party on Saturday night in between the cycling, where I tested my belly dancing skills - let's put it this way I'm definitely better on the bike!

The bellyndancer's job is safe!

Off road to Salcey

Breeze ladies enjoying the ride!

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