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Cantii Way - Day 2 - coastline, white cliffs, Battle of Britain memorial & a nuclear power station

70 miles of the Cantii Way today from Ramsgate to Rye. The Cantii way continues to offer incredible diversity of experience, sightseeing and terrrain. We spent most of the day along the coastline. Leaving Ramsgate we continued along the NCN2 for most of the day. We decided we were going to have breakfast in Sandwich - sadly no sandwiches in sandwich 🥲 so we ended up going to Deal for breakfast on the beach. Continued along the coastline reaching the approach of Dover and the incredible vista of Dover castle and the white cliffs of Dover. We then continued on climbing along the ridge so we completely avoided Folkestone, although we did stop at the Battle of Britain Memorial just outside of Folkestone. Then dropped down along the coastline to Hythe & followed the Royal military Canal along several miles of idyllic forest trails before heading out into the countryside and then back down to the coast. Through Dymchurch, New Romney and then down to Dungeness. What can I say about Dungeness ?? it’s like nowhere else I’ve been in the UK. It’s on a headland right on the edge of the south of England with extensive pebble and shingle beach but a very barren & sparse collection of chalet/shed houses. Its a surreal & desolate landscape but beautiful in its own unique way, it is also home to a nuclear power station - when we say the Cantii Way offers diversity, I’m not joking! We actually cycled along the perimeter fence of the power station 😳Onwards then to Llyd, Camber Sands & to our overnight stay in Rye. A long but beautiful & diverse day along the Kent coastline. 😎 Loving the Cantii Way 😍

Dungeness- the Cantii Way really offers diversity!



Battle of Britain Memorial

Amazing coastline

down towards Folkestone

Dover Castle

Ann with Dover Castle in background


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