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BBC Breakfast TV, Children in Need & Silverstone race circuit 🚴‍♀️ 🎬 📺 📣

A very VERY early start, to take part in the BBC children in need rickshaw relay event for live breakfast television. Arrived in the dark at 6 am to a sea of people dressed in Pudsey outfits, around 50-60 riders. The rickshaw challenge is where five young people, who have been supported by children in need charities, and often with disabilities, cycle a rickshaw the length of the country to raise money for charities. Today, was the final leg with a lap around the iconic Silverstone race circuit (normally reserved for F1 and other fast cars) but today it was for the rickshaw cyclists and my friend Lizzy and I were part of the peloton riding behind the rickshaw. It was awesome to be part of such a great charity event and also to cycle around Silverstone - it's not the first time I've cycled around the track, but it's certainly the slowest lap I've ever done. Bike handling skills needed to cycle quite slow behind the heavy rickshaw & we made it to TV in the end. 🎬 📣 We had to do a few re-takes so we could make the live broadcast, Certainly something unique and special to do and definitely worth the 5 am wake up. 😴 💤 came home to take out a Bcg gravel ride (still in my Pudsey gear) which was meant to be easy, but due to yesterday's downpour 🌧🌧🌧 was quite muddy and turned out to be quite challenging. I think the season of muddy gravel rides has started. Very tired now, but lots of fun today.

Iconic Silverstone!

Home of British F1

On Breakfast TV

The rickshaw

Starting in the dark

The peloton

Muddy gravel ride

Beautiful sunny Autumn day

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