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Ambling around Lake Windermere 😎🚴‍♂️☀️

A lovely amble around Ambleside and Lake Windermere (including a ferry across the Lake) as I’m up in the lakes supporting my husband doing an ultra run! 😎😳 Who could’ve predicted a heat wave? Nice for cycling not so good for running. 😳🥵🥵 Great north swim on today as well - popped in to see another friend on lifeguard duties at Brockhole.

Great route using a large part of NCN6, the chain ferry across the lake, only £2 for a pedestrian & their bike, busier on the east & top side of the lake but once I passed Ambleside it got much quieter & I connected up with this amazing gravel path which ran down the western shore of the lake - beautiful.

Love the lakes, beautiful up here especially in the sunshine! ☀️☀️

Waiting for the ferry

Ferry trip

Amazing atmosphere at Great North Swim

Fab gravel path with amazing views

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