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Women’s weekend of 2 halves

A weekend of 2 halves. We had 20 riders turn up for our women’s ride with my club on Saturday. It’s always brilliant riding with other women, a fun, supportive and no pressure ride. Nearly 50 miles for me on Saturday and a fab stop at Bromham Mill in Bedford who do the tastiest toasties ever! And then I led a women’s Breeze ride on Sunday, but all the riders dropped off before the ride. 🥲🥲 which was a shame as it was a beautiful sunny summers day, so I did a solo gravel ride around MK. Many people know we have a huge network of what are called redways, but not everyone knows we have a simply stunning network of bridleways which are brilliant for gravel riding. You rarely come across a horse and rider, although I did this morning. You would never know you are in the middle of a city!

My group on Saturday’s club women’s ride.

Along the path on MK gravel ride

My solitary coffee & scone!

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