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Three different hats this weekend 🎩 👒 🧢

I wore three different ride leading hats this weekend. Friday lunchtime took out a Breeze ride, a lovely social cultural route along the canal. Then on Saturday led out one of 3 groups on our monthly women’s ride and joined up with other groups in the club for our AGM. Was fantastic to catch up with other groups in the club, hear ideas and share thoughts about the future of the club and also have a group photo with Willen Hospice who joined us to thank us for all our fundraising in 2022 – just under £5000 raised. Then on Sunday led a ride from the Trek Store - again just a gentle social ride trying to encourage more people to get into cycling. It's been a VERY cold weekend, but i've got some new boots- Northwave Arctic Raptor boots and my feet have not been cold! Not a huge amount of miles this week (only 80) but a busy one….

BCG AGM & women's ride

Let's get it to 50%!

Trek ride

Breeze ride.....


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