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The ice man cometh… 🥶🥶

A serious cold spell of weather arrived this week, with temperatures below zero most days. I was still cycling to work, brrr. But eventually had to concede defeat and go to Zwift and to a spin class at the gym. Sunday morning it was minus two degrees but after a week of not riding had to get out, luckily 2 of my friends were equally brave 😂 it was actually very atmospheric and Christmassy with all the frost and low fog and we did a gravel route around Milton Keynes / compete with Xmas jumpers. 🎅 But what could be worse than cycling in these conditions? Running a half marathon !! most of our route was on the Milton Keynes winter half marathon route, kudos to all the runners out this morning. 💪💪 Back to mine for some well earned mulled mine and mince pies. 🥧 🍷 🎄


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