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The daffodils are out!

Temperatures dropped this weekend! Back to winter cycling boots and 5 layers… 🥶🥶🥶 But, still had 2 amazing rides. Womens ride with my club on Saturday, over 20 riders out despite ‘feels like 0 degrees’ for a glorious ride up to Cogenhoe in Northampton. For the second time somehow my sram ETap didn’t charge, and a true friend who lends you her front derailleur etap battery! Thanks Lizzy 😂😇 then co-led out a social ride for Trek Store with Lizzy (different bike & mechanical gears 😎😎 #oldschool The spring like conditions meant every person in MK seemed to be out including dozens of runners on the MK winter warmer run! Loose dogs, walkers, we had it all today! But very social and great treats from Trek at end of ride! Happy days 😎😎

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