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South Downs with a Beachy Head finale

Day 3 of our epic South Downs Way adventure - from Lewes to Eastbourne with a Beachy Head diversion. What a fabulous day we’ve had - some more amazing tough climbs, sweeping views, cycling through fields of cows and sheep and steep downhills. Today we tackled Firle Beacon & Wilmington Hill. once we approached Eastbourne we decided to do a diversion to the iconic Beachy Head with its dramatic chalky steep cliffs. The sea was a beautiful turquoise & the sky bright blue. We then descended into Eastbourne for our mandatory pic in front of the South Downs finish / start point. What a memorable ride, very beautiful, very diverse & tough with excellent bike handling skills required. 🥺 a total of 124 miles cycled over last 3 days. But very rewarding. 😍My advice to others would be take 4 days if you really want to enjoy it. One to remember!!

Beachy Head

Finish waymarker

Things you do for a great pic

Sweeping views

What a sky!

Some fast gravelly downs! Disc brakes working overtime

Great pals!


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