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South Downs Way or army training exercise?

Some pals and I decided to tackle the off-road challenge of the South Downs Way it’s meant to be a right of passage for a mountain bikers! We decided to split the 100 mile route over three days so we could enjoy it, the reality is I don’t think we could’ve done it in less time. anyway it’s absolutely beautiful and diverse & peaceful but it was tough enough to qualify as an army training exercise!! 😂😂 we started in Winchester this morning and the route has a combination of gravel paths, woods, fields and a lot of uphill. Beacon Hill & Old Winchester hill to name a couple. We went down this section called Butser Hill, I have got no idea how fast I went down there I was concentrating so much I didn’t even look at my speed!! Exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. Some of the paths are very chalky & big gravel stones. 🥺 at least it was dry! Day one 38 miles to finish in Midhurst but got to be equivalent to at least 80 on road I reckon. 😂😂 large glass of Pinot required tonight!

Beacon Hill

Bottom of Butser Hill

Beacon Hill

Old Winchester Hill

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