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Resuming leading duties

After all my recent trips which were about my cycling, I spent the last three days getting back into leading rides for others. Had Breeze rides on Thursday and Friday which are always good fun and good company with like-minded women and great coffee and cake!! 🍰 🍰 or in my case, cheese scones. 🧀 and then today led out a gravel ride with my club. It was beautiful in the sunshine & the trails were dry, but it was incredibly overgrown in parts - went through one section which was so overgrown we couldn’t even see the path. regretting the decision because my legs are still buzzing hours later from all the stinging nettles and brambles I cycled past, even managed to get some grazes and drew blood - eek. the things we do for cycling !

There’s a path in there somewhere!

Love a churchyard!

Breeze ride

Second breeze ride

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