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Recovery gravel ride

A 'recovery' ride today, an easy 28 miles along some lovely gravel trails and bridleways around Milton Keynes and along the North Bucks Way and Swan Way, which surprisingly had nearly 1000 feet of elevation. I was leading this as a club ride with one other, but we ended up only have one other person (another ride leader!) show up - normally we are over subscribed. But it was great with just the 3 of us and chatting about future gravel riding plans. I have cycled 223 miles and 11,500 feet since Monday. Time for a cup of tea.....and a cheeky chocolate bar, I think!


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2 commentaires

Cheers Audrey! 🤩👍


Audrey elliott
Audrey elliott
19 mai 2022

Sounds like you have already started your amazing journey, l like off road MB riding and wish you all the best, look forward to sharing your exploit here. Have fun! ;)

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