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North Downs Way (ish) - Day 4. Final push into Dover.

More rain overnight! Unfortunately as we got so wet the previous day not everything dried out including my expensive supposedly waterproof boots! 😳😳

This rain really has been biblical, according to the BBC it's been the wettest March in over 40 years!

For the final stretch we took the NCN 16 route down to Dover. Another very pretty route on extremely quiet roads. But don't let anyone ever tell you that Kent is flat. A constant up and down alongside fields of produce and pretty Kentish villages. And roads which were more like rivers. 😳

The route brings us out at the top of Dover castle for some fantastic views of the castle and down into Dover. There was huge amounts of stacked back traffic /found out later on the news some people had been waiting up to 5 hours in their car to get onto the ferries at Dover, but of course the beauty of the bike - we just sailed right on by!!

Were able to get the high-speed link back from Dover to London St Pancras and home to my front door from Dover in 2 1/2 hours.

It's been a great trip, some ups and downs that's for sure. not exactly what we planned, but a lovely cycling trip nonetheless with fabulous friends and lots of laughs - oh and puddles and rain ☔️ 150 miles over the last few days and over 8000 feet of climbing happy days! 😎😎😎

Now to wash an extremely filthy bike! 🧽 🪣 🧼

Dover Castle

Fake news 😂😂

Canterbury Cathedral & surrounds

Now they give us a bridge to avoid the water! Needed several of these yesterday!

Not flat!

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