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Muddy faces 😳😳

Unbelievably, it was very mild and the Sun came out today for a great off-road route up through the Woburn woods and over to Rushmere country Park with Christina. Surprisingly, despite the amount of rain which fell over the last several days, it wasn't uber muddy / there was mud but certainly no areas where it wasn't passable. However, it wasn't until I got home thst I noticed on the photo, my face was covered in mud! Even on my teeth 🥺🥺 Happy days. 😎😎 My new MTB which has been nicknamed 'Magma' due to its similarity to volcanic magma 🌋 performed excellently today! I just love going down (and indeed up) rocky rutted trails. I'm so much more confident when I'm on the MTB. 😃

Muddy faces

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