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Mud removal with sticks…

Decided to try a new section of the North Bucks way today. I’d been told that it was dry/ that is not muddy! Mostly 😳 this was true unfortunately when we took the path down towards Whaddon, one type of mud merged with another type of mud and then straw & gravel and soon our wheels couldn’t actually spin any longer 😂😂 some serious mud removal with sticks needed.  The North Bucks way is a very old public byway that runs along the boundary of Milton Keynes it used to be in the middle of nowhere but now sadly there is loads of housing going up and one section of the byway was even diverted due to being dug up for more housing .

eventually on our way again we decided to go to the thrift farm shop as another route I decided to explore was straight across another field! = more mud. lots of bike washing 🧽 🪣 needed when I got home but all in all a really fun trip with Susanna and Christina and the Sun even came out…. ☀️☀️☀️

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