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Mad dogs, Englishmen & cyclists… 🥵🥵

…go out in the midday sun or in this case a heatwave! 🥵🥵 A fabulous 60 mile ride with my club around Oxfordshire today. Starting in Bicester, we headed out towards the Farmeer toll-bridge, Abingdon, Cumnor Hill, a superb lunch stop at WaterPerry GardensThe day was topped off by a climb up a very long and steep hill called Brill Hill which wasn’t so brill in 34° heat and did require an entire bottle of water to be tipped over my head to cool me down part way up! Great views and a fantastic Windmill at the top. All in all, lovely countryside, beautiful views great company - will sleep well tonight! ☀️☀️🚴😴😴😴

Behind the selfie…

Brill Windmill

Capturing the hollyhocks

The result!

View from the top of Brill Hill


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