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Jubilee Adventures - the ‘Queen’ and me 👑👑

A platinum jubilee long weekend of 4 days would normally have meant 4 days of cycling but due to circumstances beyond my control (the dog eating something toxic - eek) and the great British weather, only managed 2 days this weekend. A great off-road gravel ride with friends through the Bedfordshire countryside out to the Danish camp on the Saturday, where we came across the ‘Queen’ and her corgis on a bike - well maybe it wasn’t the actual Queen! route a bit overgrown in places and through a field of noisy sheep and we didn’t completely avoid the rain but a fab 50 miles in total. Sunday’s Jubilee club ride cancelled due to predicted heavy showers all day - surprisingly, maybe not surprisingly as the weather never turns out as per forecast - no rain! so instead a short but muddy gravel ride. congrats to her Majesty on 70 years in the job! 🤩🇬🇧🚴‍♀️👑

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