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Ditching Ditchling 🥺

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Well what an adventure we have had today! 56 miles on the bike but only part of it on the South Downs Way and instead did part on the Downs link way. Once again the first section of South Downs Way we did this morning was like a military training exercise - steep hills and precarious downhills with flint stones and chalky paths, but absolutely beautiful - An incredible views from the top which the camera does not do justice - including a stunning section cycling through a field of wheat, but some serious steep downhills. personally I always like a downhill but when you’re going down with adverse cambers! 🥺🥺 and rocky paths it’s a little bit more freaky. Got to Amberley and decided to do a section on the road. After a fab lunch we then continued on the road to Steyning, less than 10% battery on my phone& we realised at this point that if we went back on the South Downs Way we might not get to our destination by dark! so we continued on the Downs link path (I lovely section of gravel path along the river down to Shorham) which eventually took us through Brighton and then on to our destination in Lewes. It did mean though that we did not do Ditchling beacon which I was really looking forward to - so Ditchling is definitely my Everest! 🙏 I will come back one day and conquer you! 😉😉

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