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Coast & Castles - Day 4 / Melrose to Edinburgh (56 miles) 🚴🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏔

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Fortunately the rain has stopped by the time we started our final day towards Edinburgh. Continuing on the NCN1 we followed the River Tweed. Today’s route was really quite beautiful, the first 17 miles were through quiet forests and a beautiful off-road section taking in Yair Bridge. Once we were reached Innerleithen, we spent the next 15 miles cycling through & over the Moorfoot hills. How can I describe the section of the route ? it was absolutely idyllic & one of the highlights of the trip. 💜 incredibly quiet roads, rolling hills covered in heather & roaming sheep. A long but gentle climb to the top and then a spectacular 5 miles down, where we reached speeds of 35 mph. 🚀 lunch stop in Dalkieth before we continued on our final 13 miles into Edinburgh along cycle paths & through a long railway tunnel (the innocent railway tunnel), before we arrived in Edinburgh. Sadly there was a bin strike on, so not looking it’s best! But we did it!!! Whoop whoop 🙌 Bit hectic dodging buses but arrived at our endpoint to collect our luggage from Saddle Skedaddle and to see our final castle on our ‘Coast and Castles’ trip, castle #9 Edinburgh Castle. Beautiful 😍 definitely then time to find a bar - or three and enjoy the Edinburgh Fringe festival and the beautiful sites of Edinburgh, including the fireworks. What an adventure & amazing route with my good friend & cycling buddy Christina. 😊Recommended!! Loved it. 😀

Amazing pass through the Moorfoot Hills

Top of the Moorfoot Hills

all the above pics are of the Moorfoot Hills/just beautiful 😍

On the way down 🚀

River Tweed

River Tweed

River Tweed

Innocent Railway Tunnel

Edinburgh castle #9

Fireworks above the castle

Beautiful Edinburgh 😍

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