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Coasts & Castles - preamble 🚊 🚊🚫🚫

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

So all can be said about today is national train strike! & we needed to get to Newcastle upon Tyne for our 200 mile ride up to Edinburgh. Cycled up to MK station - fingers crossed 🤞🤞 got a train to London. First step success. Got to Kings Cross, our train had been cancelled, 😮 but very lovely man managed to get us & our bikes on an earlier train. So by hook or crook we made it to Newcastle.. beautiful hotel right next to the Tyne River with amazing views. What I love about Newcastle is the Tyne bridge / a scaled down version of Sydney harbour Bridge. Brings back memories. Plus great view of castle #1 Newcastle castle. Fab meal at Quayside then off to find a bike shop tomorrow 🤞🤞

View from our lobby - we made it!

View from our room & castle #1 Newcastle castle

Tyne river at night

Not Sydney / but uncanny

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