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Coast to coast (off road/MTB version) - Day 4

What an amazing day! Loads more climbing but very different from the two previous days as we moved out of the Pennines and into the moors of Northumberland.

Heading out from Allston, we made our way to Nenthead, which is the highest village in England at 1500 feet. A visit to the bike shop as the hire bike had a few issues. Hence the falls the previous days! but all fixed so good to go.

The route, then consisted of more climbing onto Coalcleaugh Moor as we enter Northumberland. The moors are just spectacular! Rolling on for miles and miles as far as the eye can see. The climb to the top of the moor is worth it though and then one amazing downhill! In fact the whole road was a bit of a rollercoaster.

In the valley, they were the remains of the disused lead minds which was interesting. Then a coffee stop and cheese scone at Allenheads. Then another long steep climb up towards Rookhope. From there, we moved off road to a long gravel path to climb up to the top of Stanhope Common.

Oh my word, the view from the top defies words. Absolutely stunning over the Northumberland moors and hills. Heather, sheep, the odd farm. So remote and beautiful. Cycling along through the middle of the moor was something else.

Many of these moors are grouse moors, and you advised not to cycle through them during grouse shooting season which starts on the 12th August, so no pot shots at us today! That we didn't see any grouse either.

The road along the top of Stanhope common continues before a very beautiful fast descent down to Edmondbyers, our stop for tonight. Top speed today of 35.8 miles, only because I didn't quite trust the hire bike, wonder if I would have topped 40 on my gravel bike?

Another tough day, but another fantastic experience and such diverse landscape from in the previous days of cycling.

What an epic route. 😎😎 28 miles and 3085 feet today.

Top of Stanhope Common

The climb up to the top of Stanhope Common

Gazing out over the moors

A disused lead mine


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