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Coast to coast (off road / MTB route) Day 3

Well there is off-road and then there is off-road!

A very very tough day!

Today’s off-road section basically consisted of us hiking with our bikes 3000 feet straight up the side of a hill / Cross Fell. Cross Fell is the highest point in the Pennines and highest peak in England outside the Lake District.

We’ve passed through the Lake District now and our now right in the middle of the Pennines.

We headed out of Penrith towards Langwathby, where we diverted from the C2c classic route and then followed the road round to Skirwith and Kirkland before we started climbing up Cross Fell.

I’m not really sure it was a bike route, more for walkers. It was steep, rocky & boggy, tough going even for the E bikes.

Part way up we met a lovely family & their cute dogs, from Aberdeenshire - and Steve, who was training for an ultra marathon, offered to push my bike. A mile later straight uphill he was still pushing! Many thanks random stranger Steve!

It just kept going and going and going, when eventually it started to flatten out it was just so boggy to ride.

I can’t deny the stark beauty of the moorland. Very different from the Lake District and stunning in its own unique way. The hills & moors went on for as far as the eye could see.

When we reached the bothy, Greg’s Hut, it was down the downhill section. at least we were on a path now although quite rocky and did also require walking in parts. Sadly a couple more falls for me today! Accident prone this trip.

We then cycled for miles along a gravelly access track. Had a mechanical on my bike but all fixed!

Slowly headed down another very gravelly path along the Pennine way down to Carrigill. Once we hit the tarmac it was then another steep climb out of Carrigill towards our accommodation in Alston.

Only 22 miles on the bike today (not including all the walking) but over 3000 feet of climbing! Albeit much of which was pushing. A very tough & strenuous day. A hot shower, some nurofen and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc for me tonight!

The moors are amazing but this route is a once in a lifetime for me! Never again. Special though. You’ve been warned. 😂😂

Steve the Lifesaver... 🚴

you shall not pass!

Are we there yet?

Pennine Way

The Moors

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Lesley Keddy
Lesley Keddy
Aug 10, 2023

You're not selling this to me Ann!


Steve Baguley
Steve Baguley
Aug 09, 2023

Lovely to meet you, I’m sure the Sauvignon was very welcome. Steve

Replying to

Top bloke! Hope the ultra goes well! You’ve certainly had some good training for it! 💪💪

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