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Coast-to-coast Italy day 4 / 81 miles from Ferarra to Firenzuola. 4682 feet of climbing. 🏔🏔

What a crazy day! Probably one of the toughest days of cycling I've ever done. it wasn't the 30 miles of constant climbing! The distance, the elevation or even the 31° heat - it was the combination of all these combined with stops, roadworks, diversions, landslides!

Crazy day. Over 11 hours out on the bike today. The morning was beautiful. A lovely long ride /very flat, into the beautiful historic city of Bologna. After we left Bologna, a region which was badly affected by the floods only two weeks ago we started the first of our climbs up a closed road, first we encountered a road which collapsed and fallen into the river but it didn't stop us and we continued to climb only to encounter trees across the road which we had to climb through, but that didn't stop us ! finally we were stopped by complete landslide. Had to turn around go all the way back down again and then go along that a Diversion. Had to be escorted by a roads work van! Let the climbing continue...

Insane amount of climbing. Relentless, exhausting 🥵 plenty of switchbacks, close passes, & occasional feelings of despair 😂The last 5 miles for a very long fast descent (finally) which we will have to climb out of tomorrow morning !! 😳😳 The elevation profile below describes the day in one simple picture! Eventually arrived at our accommodation which is an agri tourismo/ converted farmers cottage at 8:15.

So so tired. Extraordinary day! We feel invincible. If we can do this / we can do literally anything 💪💪💪💪💪

We did it!!!! 💪💪💪💪

Blockage no 1

Blockage no 2

Blockage no 3

Top of summit! Delirious/ why else am I smiling??

At the top!


Girls on tour!

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