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Coast to coast Italy day 4 / 62 miles from Firenzuola to Vinci. 🏔🏔🏔 but 4864 feet!

Another epic day of cycling. oh my God Italian hills, never known anything like it, never cycled anything like it in the UK. extraordinarily epic, we had three climbs today, 5/6 miles in duration of constant climbing. in a really strange way, I enjoyed it. what a sense of achievement when you got to the top!! 💪💪💪

Beautiful Tuscan countryside , amazing climbing, amazing views from the top and as you're climbing. Of course, we also had some incredible descents - 5 miles of descents on switch back hills. Exhilarating! After our first climb and then descent we visited the town of Scarperia, which had an amazing festival of flowers.

Onwards then for the second significant climb of the day, and then downward into Florence (Firenze). I managed to go over drain cover at 35 mph and got a pinch flat/ first mechanical of the trip for me. one of the guys on the trip managed to change it in 8 minutes flat! 🙏🙏

After a lunch stop we then continued into Firenze to have a look at the cathedral and then down to the river Arno. it was incredibly busy in Florence on a Sunday afternoon. it's also been incredibly hot today, around 31°C which is not easy when you're climbing. 🥵🥵🥵

We then had our 3rd climb of the day. again another 6 mile climb up through beautiful Tuscan views, steady climbing about an hour and a half for me. One significant thing today is it seems every motorcycle rider in Tuscany decided to go up and down the hills at extraordinary speeds and close passes!

It was challenging, really challenging, but when you get to the top you get such an incredible sense of achievement. we then had another extraordinarily beautiful downhill to the town of Vinci for our evening stop.

What an incredible day. two days in a row of climbing like I've never known, beautiful views, incredibly hard, feeling really strong and feeling an incredible sense of achievement. 😎


First climb of the day

Views down to Florence


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Amazing Ann and the team!

Reading this is truely inspiring and I expected nothing less. Your Italian adventure paints a vivid picture of sheer determination and awesomeness.

🧡 it!

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