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Autumn is here! 🍁🍃🍂🌳

On my ride on Wednesday up through Northamptonshire to a fantastic new cafe in Cogenhoe (please see my post on the review of this café, I was struck by how the trees and leaves have now started to turn and we have a myriad of beautiful autumnal colours. And then today, taking out a Breeze ride at lunchtime, along the redways and the canal and Caldecotte Lake, I was also struck by the changing trees, so much so I had to stop all 8 riders on my ride just to take a photo of the most awesome red tree (I think its an Acer, but happy to be corrected as I am not a tree expert). Looking at the pic afterwards I thought it was quite a good match against my Breeze red top and red helmet. I do like red if you haven’t guessed already! I suppose in only a few weeks, all these leaves will be gone and winter will be here….

Is it an Acer?

Yardley Hastings, Northamptonshire

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