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A brilliant day for women's sport 🚴⚽️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Sunday 31 July will go down in history as a brilliant day for women's sport - with the final of the long awaited Tour de France Femmes and the England women's team winning the Euros. It feels like a watershed moment, where women's sport can be seen to be just as popular, just as fantastic to watch and the competitors just as strong and talented as male sportsmen (even more so!...). Feeling very proud #girlpower. I hope women and girls everywhere will be inspired to take up sport, not just cycling or football, whether it be just for fun or professionally. Now it just needs full equality in terms of pay & prize money! So it was fitting that we also had our monthly club women's ride - we started these women's rides a year ago, to try and help us move closer to a gender balanced club, as club/leisure cycling is still very much male dominated. We've had to contend with a little bit of negativity from some of our male members, (yawn....), but our club committee have been hugely supportive and the rides themselves very popular. Our club female membership stays stubbornly at 33%, which is still very good for a cycling club, but we are seeing more and more women join the regular rides, especially in the faster categories. We still need more women ride leaders though. Anyway, a great day for ride, 50 miles over to the lovely Southill tea rooms. As is always the case with our women's rides, they are fun, supportive and the camaraderie is awesome. Then home to watch TDF and then the Euros!! WHAT A DAY..... 🤩🤩

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