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50 and fabulous!

Today I led my 50th breeze ride. I've been a ride leader for over six years now and leading with Breeze for the last two years. Being a ride leader is something which gives me true joy, sharing my love of cycling with others & supporting and empowering people to get on their bikes, and just ride! A big thank you to my fellow MK breeze ride leader, Jane, especially for organising an awesome stop at the Olney pancake parlour - will be going there again. Thanks go also to Rachel Fennell my breeze area Co-Ordinator who travelled up from Amersham today to take part in the ride with me. It was fab also to have Rachel, Cristy, Debbie, Sharon and Clare, come along for a cold ! But memorable morning, thank you all. I’ve truly loved leading with Breeze, here’s to the next 50!!

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