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Wet weekend in Yorkshire for the Velo Femme 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️☔️🚴‍♀️

Been looking forward to our weekend in Yorkshire a few months now. signed up to Velo Femme which is meant to be the largest women's only sportive in the country.

Decided to make a weekend of it, so went up on the Friday for an extra day of cycling on Saturday.

Originally 4 of us signed up, then it was three and then it was two.

And who could've predicted that they would've been a months worth of rain that weekend! ☔️☔️😫😫

Despite the non-stop rain on Saturday and Sunday, we made the most of it, opted for a sightseeing tour on the Saturday, Fountains Abbey, Ripon Cathedral and Birham rocks and then on the Sunday the sportive, apparently 290 riders originally signed up, with only half turning up on the morning. The hardy (mad) half 😂 I have to say it was nice to see so many other women out cycling in the rain, luckily, Susanna and I will not the only nutters!

The conditions were pretty awful - lots of flooding, including one car who persisted on driving full blast through a flood when I was coming the other way, so I got a full drenching - just like happens in the movies. Still we soldiered on. I would love to do this route in nice weather, very organised and a great feed stop. But boy it was good to cross the finish line! Feeling very proud I perservered. 🤩 don't call me a lightweight 😂😂

Birham Rocks

Fountains Abbey

Ripon Cathedral

No ride but can still have cafe stop!

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