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Coast & Castles - Day 1 / Newcastle to Warkworth (52 miles) 🏰

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

So we set off from Newcastle for our epic trip up the east coast taking into miles & miles of coastline & loads of castles! Castle #1 Newcastle castle as we leave the hotel & start on the NCN72 / following the River Tyne. It is mostly all cycle path & then we teach Tynemouth on the coast for castle #2 & a fabulous beach & where we join the NCN1. However the grey clouds started to gather & by the time we got to St Mary’s Lighthouse, the heavens opened!! ☔️☔️☔️ But bizarre weather as we had sunshine & showers & sunshine again. Continuing up the coast to Chambois for a chip butty for lunch.

We then continued along a beautiful long quiet road along the coast with sand dunes all the way, saw the seabird island of Coquet Island from afar. Not long before we made it to Amble & it’s pretty marina & port. Tried to get a booking at the famous Fish Shack, but no luck 😢 Short hop to our overnight stay at Warkworth at a hotel right next to castle #3 Warkworth.

Great first day, from the beautiful bridges of Newcastle upon Tyne, the coastal paths, sand dunes & wind swept vistas. Lovely 🥰

Amble Harbour

Saint Mary’s Lighthouse

Castle #2 Tynemouth

beautiful coastline

Coquet island in distance

Castle #3 Warkworth

Castle #3

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