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Coast to Coast - Day 6. 60 miles to the Mediterranean Sea!

Updated: May 31, 2023

Final day of cycling across Italy. 60 miles today through beautiful Tuscan countryside with its vineyards & olive groves, onward to the historic town of Lucca with its incredible square. Definitely not as busy as Firenze! Today’s ride was so flat compared to the previous two days. I will never look upon climbs around MK in the same way ever again 😂😂

Managed to get another flat! Although likely fault with yesterday’s inner tube. Unlucky 😳

Onward to Pisa for lunch and then down along a dedicated cycle path all the way to the coast, where we were able to dip our feet in the Mediterranean Sea -only four days earlier our feet were in the Adriatic Sea.

Coast to coast Italy, 274 miles (438 kilometres) and 11,000 feet of climbing! What an extraordinary adventure - challenging, very tough in places but beautiful and very memorable.

Then a final push back into Pisa for the iconic photo in front of the leaning tower. Back to dissemble our bikes. I just hope they’ll be okay by the time we get back to the UK!

We are staying in an amazing hotel with a restaurant on the rooftop with a view over the tower and the church. Happy days indeed.

I’ve done some challenges in my time, certainly much longer challenges in terms of distances but this was incredibly challenging in terms of climbing. In a strange and masochistic way I really enjoyed it, the climbs were relentless, very hot & required strong mental attitude, but we did them, we all did them! Go #ItaliaGirlSquad

What an amazing Italian adventure / coast to coast. We cycled across Italy! with fantastic friends what more could anyone ask for in life? 😍😍

We did it! Adriatic to the Med - across Italy

Our feet in the Med ! It had to be done...

Team Italia!

The Roman aqueduct into Pisa



Dinner celebrations 🎉 🍾

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Lesley Keddy
Lesley Keddy
May 30, 2023

Fabulous! I love reading about this adventure and love your shirts! Lesley x

Replying to

Thanks Lesley.. 😎

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