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North Downs Way - Day 1

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

The North Downs Way is a 153 mile trail across the south east of England. It starts at Farnham in Surrey travels through the Surrey Hills, an area of outstanding natural beauty and finishes at the white cliffs of Dover.

We travelled down on the train the night before & then cycled across London then caught the train from Waterloo to Farnham.

We only did 31 miles today (but 2300 feet of climbing) but my goodness due to all the rain there was a lot of mud and much tougher than expected!

Starting in Farnham on the Christmas pie route we went through some beautiful wooded areas before we then went through Chantry Wood, Puttenham Common up to a beautiful little church at the top of Saint Marthas Hill (steep) and then down to the river Wey. Connecting up with the route NCN 22.

Quite a lot of climbing until we eventually got to the top of Newlands corner. after Newlands with its beautiful views across the valley we travelled along a ridge for about 5 for 6 miles through wooded areas (Little Kings Wood) / again very muddy.

Eventually making our way down to the Denbigh Vineyatds to our stop at the bottom of Boxhill / yes that means we've got a climb first thing tomorrow!

Our bikes and our gear is absolutely caked in mud /had to clean them off in the bath/ the gear that is, not the bikes!

An absolutely lovely route but I would really like to try in the summer. I think it will be a whole different level of experience!!

A theme of the day!

Another theme of the day!

Puttenham common

Newlands Corner

At Martha's hill

River Wey

Fun trail!

Long day!

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