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Noah called - he wants his Ark back! 🛶

Well it was the first full week of cycling for 2023 and I managed 142 miles this week, which I'm chuffed about, let's see if I can manage to maintain that throughout the year! A wonderful mid week ride with Jane over to the Hub and spoke café, very windy but worth it for the fantastic vegetarian sausage baguette at the café. Friday saw me take out a breeze ride which needed a considerable amount of dynamic rerouting due to flooding and Redway closures, but the sun was out, so can't complain !! Saturday led a club gravel ride and well, flooding the previous day was nothing by comparison - it really was in biblical proportions, but we missed most of the rain to have a fun ride and then on Sunday we decided to do a club ride (very cold start 🥶) out to the south of Milton Keynes - again encountering more flooding and more road closures 😳 it really was a weekend of unexpected events! All good though - best laid plans and all that, definitely need to chill and just go with the flow.

Gravel ride - this is normally a car park, Ouse valley!

Gravel ride

More flooding even on a road ride!

And then road closures! 🥺

Club ride, great stop at Preston Bisset garden centre

Breeze ride

Harlington with Jane

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